P.T. (Physical Training) 

PT Commander 

C/LT Keith

PT Co-Commander



For the PRT Test(Personal Record Time), You will crank out as many Push-Ups as you can in 2 minutes. When you go down for Push-Ups you start on your belly's. When you go up your arms must be straight, when you go down your arms must be at a 90 Degree angle. Repeat the process until your arms die or until the 2 minutes is up.


Sit-Ups are also included for the PRT Test. When you go down for Sit-Ups you will start in the lying position on your backs with your knees up so your feet are flat on the floor and about 12 inches from the buttocks. You should have your arms crossed with your hands on your shoulders. When you begin the exercise 

Mile Run

The mile run is also included with the PRT. The times for male and female vary with age. The mile is composed and scored by 4 complete laps around the track in any lane ranging 1-8.

P.R.T. Requirerments

These are the physical fitness standards that cadets will need to demonstrate in order to earn their physical fitness ribbon