Color Guard

Color Guard Commander

C/CPO Reyes

Competition Color Guard: 

Comp Color Guard is a crew of four cadets that perform a list of drill movements that are written out on a drill card. There are two teams, a male team and a female team. Between our three comps and states the boys and girls team alternate in performing. 

Color Guards are open to anyone for participation. We host practices after school for any cadet interested in learning. We form a crew of four cadets for Color Guards at the school for football games, baseball games, and so on. We also perform Color Guards for multiple events downtown in Punta Gorda. Cadets must participate in 3 Color Guards to earn the Color Guard Ribbon.

The Color Guard crew photographed to the left, is a crew preforming for the senior award banquet for the high school seniors. The Color guard crew photographed to the right, is a crew performing for the unit award banquet at the American legion.