Big Three 

Your big three are CO, XO, and CMC they are the three who run the unit and they are the ones who make sure that everything runs smoothly. The CO over looks everything while approving ideas and things people have come up with. Your XO is in charge of the officers and what they wear on uniforms days and making sure they are making themselves look good. The CMC is in charge of all of the chiefs, his job is to make sure that those few cadets are ready and be willing to become officers. 

Company Commander

C/LCDR V. Conant

Bio: As the commanding officer I am responsible for leading the entire company along with setting the example for what a squared away cadet looks like, along with instilling values such as leadership, discipline, and teamwork. I work closely with my XO and CMC along with our SNSI and NSI and act as a bridge between the student staff and school staff. I am here to make sure that we as a unit uphold the Navy core values of Honor, Courage, and commitment and make this year the best it can be. I am also dedicated to helping instill leadership and discipline into everyone.  

Executive Officer

C/LT V. Otero-Smith

Bio: As the Executive Officer of Charlotte High School's NJROTC Unit, my job is to oversee all officers and maintain discipline. I'm responsible for ensuring that all officers are properly trained and prepared to carry out their duties. I work with the Commanding Officer to develop and implement policies and procedures that promote a effective learning environment. My role involves providing leadership and guidance to the unit, as well as serving as a liaison between the unit and the school administration. Additionally, I must maintain accurate records and reports to ensure compliance with NJROTC regulations. 

Company Master Chief 

C/MCPO R. Hale

Bio: I am C/MCPO Hale and it is my duty as the Company Master Chief of Charlotte High School's NJROTC Unit to lead and oversee the Chief's Mess and train my chiefs to become officers for their next year in being a part of Charlotte High's NJROTC Unit. I am also responsible in assisting the Company Commander in keeping the morale and enthusiasm of the cadets of the unit high. I also work with the Administration Officer to oversee the chief selection process and personally train the cadets who are in the chiefs pipeline. 



Operation Officer 

C/ENS D. Parks

Bio:  As ops Officer I am in charge of reaching out to the community and creating community service events for the unit as well as keeping CDMIS up to date and looking over the practice and operations trackers And help create the end of year report.

Operations Chief 

C/CPO P. Yates

Bio: As Operations Chief I am tasked with ensuring that our Operations and Practice trackers are up to date and maintained. An additional responsibility of the operations chief is to make the Plan of the Week (POW) for every single week. The POW list's all practices and upcoming events for that week. 

Deck Officer 

C/ENS R. Souza

Bio:  As the deck officer I am tasked with ensuring that all on-school events are understood, supervised and accomplished. Take charge of all school activity to include football game security, flag detail and track meet support and color guard on campus.

Deck Chief 

C/CPO S. Ellis

Bio: As the Boatswain, I am responsible for ensuring that the deck is clean and well-maintained, and for helping to run on-school events. I am tasked with leading those in my department who are below me in cleaning the deck and events, and working with others. I take direction from my deck officer and communicate well with others. I work well under pressure and am able to multitask. 

Admin Officer 

C/ENS A. Harvick

Bio:  As the Admin Officer, it is my job to be held accountable for all the cadets records and awards. Properly delegating and organizing my department to ensure success. It is my responsibility to manage and announce the medals for the End of the Year Banquet.

Admin Chief

C/CPO S. Pirri

Bio: As the admin chief, I strive to maintain an accurate account of all of our unit records concerning our cadets.  Which includes a personal file for each cadet containing all of their paperwork throughout the year. This along with their rank and reward history. I also help my admin officer to put on our annual award banquet to ensure our cadets are properly recognized for their hard work.  

Supply Officer 

C/ENS D Rush

Bio: As the supply officer it is my job to take the initiative of issuing out all uniforms and everything that a cadet might need to be successful in ROTC. Part of my job is also keeping the supply closet, where we keep all of our inventory, neat and organized. 

Supply Chief 

C/CPO S. Kidwell

Bio: As supply chief it is my job to work closely with my officer, and assist them in any way possible. I attend all meetings, help guide the petty officers, and perform all duties of the supply officer when they are not present.  

Team Commanders


Drill Commanders

PT Commander

      C/ENS Souza

C/CPO Keith 

Bio: I am the commander of the Physical Training team at Tarpon NJROTC. I manage our athletics teams and practices for Comp 40, and I run all practices for athletic competitions such as Iron Bear and Manta Challenge. I take physical training very seriously, as well I will be on the Varsity Wrestling team for the 2023-2024 school year. My goal is to train and lead my cadets to take at least 3rd overall at states for OVERALL PT, and to change lives foe better in terms of physical fitness.

PT Co-Commander

C/PO1 McLean

Bio: I am the co-commander of the Charlotte High School NJROTC PT team, with this title I will be assisting and running aspects of the physical fitness team in which I am chosen to lead. As co-commander I will try and support to make the team as strong as possible. When it comes to fitness I prioritize it over many things, as I competed on the Varsity track team for all four years and have become the Pole Vault captain. Along with that I have been able to pursue a consistent work-out schedule and hope to have many of the PT team do the same. 

Armed Exhibition Drill Team Commander

C/ENS Walters

Bio: I am the armed exhibition commander for the 2023-2024 competition season. I will be leading the armed drill team through all of our vigorous adventures this year. The drill team is a very large, and difficult part of our field meets. From being the runners up last year, I have plans to improve, and become the best team in the state, and hopefully go to the national championship. And it all starts, with you.

Academic Commander 

C/ENS Darke


Academic Co-Commander

C/PO1 Pyle


Armed Basic Drill Team Commander

C/ENS Walters

Bio: I am the commander for the armed basic drill team for the 2023-2024 competition season. I will be leading the armed basic drill team, though our competitions, and I will be doing my best to make it into the top 5 placement, at our state championship. And it all starts, with you.

Air Rifle Commander

C/CPO Scaperrototta

Bio: I am C/CPO Scaperrotta and this is my first year as the units Air Rifle Commander. I show great potential as a leader and already have made notable contributions to the air rifle team. I am well-liked by my peers and have a positive attitude that inspires those around me.

Air Rifle Co-Commander


Bio: I am C/MCPO Hale and this is my second year as the units Air Rifle Co-Commander. I show great potential as a leader and already have made notable contributions to the air rifle team. I am well-liked by my peers and have a positive attitude that inspires those around me.

Unarmed Basic Drill Team Commander

C/ENS Souza

Bio: I am C/ENS Souza and this is my second year as Charlotte High School NJROTC Unarmed Basic Drill Team Commander. It is my job as the commander to prepare and lead my team at practice and competitions. Last year I led my team to many top 5 placements at our competitions and I plan on making 1st at the state competition.

Orienteering Commander 

C/ENS Walters

Bio: I am the orienteering commander of CHS NJROTC program. As the commander, I assist in learning how to read a map, and run over long distances. We do multiple competitions each year, and last year we placed 9th overall. My goal is to get more people to finish an orienteering course, and move up in difficulty, and to place top 5 in the state, and make it to the nations orienteering race. And it all starts, with you.

Orienteering Co-Commander 

C/PO1 Sung

Bio: I am C/PO1 Sung and as the orienteering co-commander of Charlotte High NJROTC, I will be assisting the orienteering team commander in helping out with the training and conditioning of cadets who compete in orienteering competitions. I will help familiarize you with maps and compasses, as well as on how to navigate through various types of terrain. This is my 3rd year of being a part of the orienteering team and during that time I have gotten 1st place in the yellow course, top 5 in the orange course, and was placed top 15 for the state of Florida at the orienteering state competition.

Unarmed Exhibition Drill Team Commander

C/ENS Souza

Bio:  I am C/ENS Souza and this is my first year as Charlotte High School NJROTC Exhibition Drill Team Commander. This will be my first year as the commander. I have high hopes for our exhibition drill team. I would like to place 1st place at state.

S.T.E.M. Commander