Big Three 

Your big three are CO, XO, and CMC they are the three who run the unit and they are the ones who make sure that everything runs smoothly. The CO over looks everything while approving ideas and things people have come up with. Your XO is in charge of the officers and what they wear on uniforms days and making sure they are making themselves look good. The CMC is in charge of all of the chiefs, his job is to make sure that those few cadets are ready and be willing to become officers. 

Company Commander

C/LCDR C. Wilburn

Bio: Company Commander, Cadet/ Lieutenant Commander Colin Wilburn has been dedicated to the unit for all four years of his high school career. He was motivated to join the program back when he attended Punta Gorda Middle school. Colin has successfully competed on the PT, Drill, Academics and Cyber patriot teams. He was active in the Admin, Deck and the Operations departments throughout his ROTC journey as well. The Company Commander's plans for the future are to either continue his education at the Naval Academy, or at the University of South Florida, and to commission into the United States Navy. In the Navy he plans on becoming a Surface Warfare Officer. He strives to make a long-lasting career out of the military. Cadet Wilburn truly upholds the Navy's core values of Honor, Courage, and Commitment. 

Executive Officer

C/LT B. DeFreitas


Company Master Chief 

C/MCPO N. Kling 

Bio: My name is Nicholas Kling, I am 18 years old, and I am the Command Master Chief of the unit. As the Command Master Chief, I have the job of looking after all of the Chief Petty Officers of the unit, as well as the selection of chief candidates. I must hold all meetings with my chiefs on a regular basis to discuss complaints, suggestions, and concerns. I must carry out all assigned duties given to me by the SNSI, NSI, CO, and XO in a timely manner.



Operation Officer 

C/SCPO V. Conant

Bio: A ops Officer I am in charge of reaching out to the community and creating community service events for the unit as well as keeping CDMIS up to date and looking over the practice and operations trackers And help create the end of year report.

Operations Chief 

C/CPO P. Yates

Bio: As Operations Chief I am in charge of managing the practice tracker which includes all of the teams that we offer and that way it gives us points at the end of the year. I also push out the POW to everyone in the unit that way everyone is on the same page on what we have going on during the week and what times we have extra events. Another responsibility that I have is planning out events that can be fun but also help our community and gives us hours for also the end of year report. 

Deck Officer 

C/LtJG Jace Jaikaran 

Bio: I am responsible for the maintenance and cleanliness of the classroom, supply room, and deck equipment. I must make sure all on campus events are planned accordingly and taken care of. 

Deck Chief (BOSN)

C/CPO S. Ellis

Bio: As my job of BOSN I am in charge of making sure the classroom is cleaned up and looking good for if we ever have a special guest. I also OIC on campus school events when needed. Another job of mine is to take and make any sign up sheets for on and off campus events.

Admin Officer 

C/LtJG K. Lucy 

Bio: The Admin Department's purpose is to keep cadet's files secure and organized, as well as determining awards and promotions on time; my role as the Admin officer is to oversee the entire Admin Department and all the work being done. I work with the Admin CPO and the LPO to ensure that every cadet has their information filed, as well as keeping CDMIS up to date. As Admin Officer I also act as the face and the head of the department and have the honor of being the main speaker apart from the SNSI at our end of year awards banquet. 

Admin Chief

C/CPO D. Parks


Supply Officer 

C/LtJG C. Wells 

Bio: I have been in ROTC since my freshman year, I have participated on the unarmed competition drill team, and was the former academics commander during my junior year as a NS3. Overall can say that I am a pretty reasonable and likeable person and looking forward to having another outstanding year. 

Supply Chief 

C/CPO D. Rush


Fundraiser Officer

C/LT B. DeFreitas 

Bio: As fundraiser officer I handle all of the units funds, I also plan ideas for possible fundraising opportunities and the run them by the OPS officer. After running the idea through the OPS officer, we then proceed to run the idea through the big . After the idea has been approved the OPS officer and I will begin planning the fundraiser. 

Team Commanders


Drill Commanders

PT Commander

C/SCPO Tresalus

Bio: Hello recruits, my name is Elijah Tresalus and I am your PT commander. PT stands for Physical Training. In PT we do various physical exercises such as push-ups, sit-ups, mile, etc. We have PT practices most Mondays and Fridays. I like PT because it allows me to find my strengths and weaknesses so that I can improve myself physically. I also like PT because I get to do this with my fellow cadets, and train as a team. Speaking of teams, we have PT team. On the PT team we partake in very epic competitions like Iron Bear, and Comp 40 field meets.

PT Co-Commander

C/CPO Keith 


Armed Exhibition Drill Team Commander

C/MCPO Kling


Academic Commander 

C/LtJG Lucy 

Bio: The academic team is one of our most important teams. This team competes in academic " test competitions", brain brawls, JLAB, NAE, and field meets. At fields meets academic testing accounts for a large portion of points given to a team. As academic commander I am responsible for the establishment of practice sessions, the development of information material, and the nominations of qualified cadets to take part in the competitions. And as team commander I have one of the highest averages on test scores for competitions. 

Academic Co-Commander

C/PO1 Dotres 


Armed Basic Drill Team Commander

C/ENS Jaikaran, Jake


Color Guard Commander

C/LT B. De Freitas 

Bio: My name is Briana De Freitas, I am a senior cadet. I have been in the unit since freshman year. As the color guard commander I am responsible for planning color guards for ceremonies, awards banquets, graduation ceremonies, community service events, etc. I plan these events alongside Chief Williams. The color guard is a crew of 4 people, the crew consists of two rifle man and two flags. The flags are the American flag (always) and either the state flag along side it or a unit or Navy flag. The color guard team also has a female and male competition team. We travel with the Comp 40 team an compete under the drill category. Color guards are highly encouraged for junior cadets. Color guard also allow opportunities to gain a ribbon. 

Color Guard Co-Commander 

C/CPO Martin


Unarmed Exhibition Commander

C/LT DeFreitas


Air Rifle Commander


Bio: The air rifle team has up to 4 people per team and there is a Varsity team and JV team. But before trying out for the team all cadets must take and pass with a 100% on the Air Rifle Safety Course. Once they pass the test they will have the opportunity to shoot and show their skills. But several factors are considered when the teams are being selected such as grades, ability to follow directions and discipline record. The air rifle last from August through December with more matches in January and February depending on whether the team qualifies for regional and national matches. Cadets who have been on the varsity team for two years will be awarded to varsity. 

Air Rifle Co-Commander

C/CPO Rush

Bio: As the Co- Commander of the air rifle team it is my responsibility to see that all shooter are as prepared and as comfortable as they could be when preforming. Rifles are to be properly setup at the beginning of every practice along with their scopes and the off-hand stands. It is also my job to handle and help with tasks that the commander Hale is doing or has given me. The job of air rifle co-commander is assisting the team in anyway I can in order to make the team the most efficient as possible 

Unarmed Basic Drill Team Commander

C/PO1 Souza


Orienteering Commander 

C/PO1 J. Mahoney

Bio: My name is Jeremy Mahoney I have been in the unit since freshman year this program has it ups and its downs but that is the fun of it , now the orienteering team is a really fun competition but what we want to see in cadets is the will to win, more information on the orienteering team on the teams page

Orienteering Co-Commander 

C/PO1 Stock

Bio:  Orienteering is one team i have enjoyed while in my first year in NJROTC. Since i have started NJROTC, orienteering stood out to me because i was told it was running with a compass and a map, getting from point to point and a race against time. I never really understood why i like running, to me it feels like a great way to challenge myself and test the strength and endurance i have, to push myself harder and have the feeling of success after i am done after a meet. What made me stay into orienteering is that it seemed different from other sports or other teams in the CHS NJROTC Unit, it made me feel like there was more than just following a simple path. 

Cyber Patriot Commander

C/SCPO Otero-Smith 

Bio: Cyber Patriot is a team all about cyber security. We compete against tons of other schools from around the country, some of them being middle schools. Which end up whooping our little butts. There are 4 different operating systems 3 of which are almost the same. They are windows 10, windows server, and linux which can be Ubuntu or Debian. With these 3 they focus on making the computer secure following what the scenario asks. There are also 2-3 forensic questions that are worth the most points, which are around 10 each. While the other things like deleting games, setting up the firewall, and making sure the users are supposed to be where they are, they are worth around d 2-5 points each. The last and most difficult one, Cisco Packet Tracer focuses on setting up a network and making sure that it is working well.