All officers are held to the highest standard there is in JROTC. Officers are mostly given to seniors as they take on being the leaders of the unit. To become an officer, they must have been a Chief petty officer for at least 90 days, pass the officers test, they must earn the community service, participation, unit service ,EPA, exemplary conduct and aptitude award. They must be a expert in their specific position as an officer. They must all be able to demonstrate the ability to lead a group to accomplish a goal. The most important thing is to show leadership in all capacity.

Commanding Officer 

C/LCDR V. Conant

Executive  Officer 

C/LT V. Otero-Smith

Operations Officer 

C/ENS D. Parks

Deck Officer 

C/ENS R. Souza

Supply Officer

C/CPO S. Kidwell

Admin Officer 

C/ENS A. Harvick

Armed Drill/ Orienteering Commander

C/ENS C. Walters